React Native

React Native a robust, scalable and ultra-high-performance, trendy technology and is developed and maintained by tech geeks of Facebook, Instagram and community. It’s the perfect framework to build native mobile applications.
React Native makes the mobile app development advancement to next level and includes all unique features like Faster app development, Simple and easy to maintain, Cross platform UI, Integrate with device file system, Less expensive app development and cost effective maintenance and Single code management for multiple mobile platforms.
The use of React Native and JavaScript helps develop hybrid mobile apps that are cross platform and are visually rich and functionally strong. The combination of HTML and JavaScript allows to reuse React components which allows businesses to easily augment existing applications without any code rewriting. That reduces time and costs and allows for creating high-performance apps with appealing UIs.


StartBit IT Solutions is a globally acknowledged Web and App Development Company, known for its IT Development. We have a team of React Native developers who always aim to build effective and dynamic apps as per our client's business idea, requirements and budget.We have a diverse team of engineers, designers and project managers - each an expert in their field. This means we can handle the complete development of your React Native app - UI/UX,and Backend Development
We cater React Native app development services for enterprises scale businesses, start-ups as well as medium size business organizations and build feature rich UI/UX mobile applications.Our team uses the benefits of open source mobile SDK, powerful plugins, interactive themes, interactive JavaScript library, widgets etc. of the React Native award-winning cross-platform mobile apps.
Our developer experts adopt the industry’s standard practices,proven approach methodlogies and on time project completion in delivering the hybrid apps customized to your enterprise needs

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Embrace Power of React Native

Incredible single technology to build apps on multiple platforms simultaneously. Step it up with StartBit.

- Development Efficiency.
- Rich UI Development.
- Cross-platform/multi-platform development
- Rich Javascript Library.
- SEO friendly.
- Great hardware compatibility rate
- Cost-effective.
- Strong Community.
- Reusable Components.

Why React?

Easy to Build & Update

With a rich set of React components and modules, really simple to develop the apps ,also new updated apps can be directly uploaded without approvals.

Cross Platform

Vast majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform, meaning we write one React component and it works seamlessly on all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

Fast & Cost effective

React Native apps are faster to develop as single code runs on multiple platforms and This has been made possible due to a vast library of React components available under open source.

Developed Mobile Apps Across Industries


Food & Restaurant



Travel & Hospitality

Payments & Loyalty

Real Estate


News & Informative

Education & e-learning

Ticketing Systems

Media & Entertainment

Mobile Application Development Process

Our Work Process involve steps in building scalable, optimized, Rich UI supported mobile applications according to your specific business requirements, which ultimately results in client satisfaction & their growth.

Wireframing & Mockups

Understanding Client's Mobile app Requirement and start to get building various wireframes for the app project. Those mockups are presented to the clients for reference. Based on the shortlisted mockups, the final prototype is presented to the client which lastly kicks as soon as the client approves the prototype.

Developing & Debugging

Developing the code following the MVC and other standards.At times, the code isn’t self sufficient and must be interfaced with a third party service or a hardware component.Various sections of code must be debugged a number of times to ensure the security, scalability and performance of the app, throughout the debvelopment process.

Testing & Delivery

Our testing team test the apps against various quality parameters and using various methodology and via using automation testing tools. Afterwards, we deliver the first demo of the app to the clients for their approval, fixes the bugs if any and finally publish the app to the play Store.

Support & Happy Clients

Our goal is to provide high-quality, optimized apps to all of our clients with the best professional and online support sevices.Our support services also inbuids app marketing, app monetization, app optimization and ensuring millions of downloads. Our Happy Clients are the Award-Winning Experiences to us.

Why Us?

Efficient Developers

Our expert developers build highly efficient, scalable and best performannce mobile applications using a robust development framework that meets all Client Business needs.

Management & Communication

Whether it is long term collaboration or just a small project, our project management and communication standards remain the same. Any software project is handled smoothly, with full attention and custom approach to every customer.

Trusted Mobile Solution

Our pragmatic approach and proven methodology in developing customized web pages have offered trusted mobile solutions to many clients globally

100% Code Safe

We guarantee the 100% legal protection of our clients and for every project we sign a non-disclosure agreement before we start initial analysis. Rest assured that you will get a complete confidentiality and all the intellectual property rights.

Our Expert Support

At StartBit, we have a Support System methodology,from ideation to development to launching. Our Support System deliver the cutting-edge product your business deserves.

Full-service and in-house

We can run your project from the very beginning to the very end without involving any remote contractors. Product designers, QA specialists, developers, business analysts - the will all work side by side, ensuring smooth teamwork and quality output.

Tech lead support

A dedicated technical lead will make sure the project executing as per the phases. If needed, they will step into role of your virtual CTO and serve as the guardian of code quality.

Associated Team

We match people to project, not the other way around. Once we know your expectations, we will assemble a team with extensive experience in creating products similar to yours. You'll get to work with real experts with knowledge matching your needs.

Our Perspectives


As with our Gained Experience,We offer innovative & customer-centric best business solutions.
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In the Agile of Mobiles & handheld devices,we Deliver Awesome Apps Supporting all Platforms.
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All sorts of CMS Services that is customized to suit your business needs.
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With all latest Designing techniques,we are also Expert in Responsiveness & Animations.
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Globalization has made all online, All E-commerce Solutions with integrated Payment Gateways.
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Inbuilt & added SEO techniques to make Client's Buisness stand on top of the Web.
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