Xamarin is Microsoft product based on C# programming technology and can be used in the cross-platform mobile app development for Android, iOS and Windows. Xamarin apps are built with native UI and APIs to deliver better performance. It is based on the concept of Write once, Run anywhere (WORA), which allows development of apps for multiple platforms using single programming language. Xamarin app development , built on .Net framework is highly amiable with mostly mobile operating platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian.
Xamarin generates both Native and Cross platform apps which ensures your app is future ready. Even if you want to add anything new, the lesser amount of code makes it easier and faster to implement.This features has eventually turned out to be a popular cross-platform mobile app development framework over the decade.


StartBit have a team of dedicated professionals who develop robust mobile applications capable to share Xamarin C# codebase across the platforms including iOS, Windows, and Android to build scalable and robust Xamarin mobile apps. We are an esteemed Xamarin app development company in India, helping organizations to stay ahead of the curve with intriguing and scalable mobile apps for their businesses.

Our Xamarin developers are technology specialists who create high-performance native apps for iOS, Android and Window devices. These Xamarin apps are created in C# with regular native UI controls and provide complete access to all native functionalities of the underlying platforms. We are Using Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and Xamarin Forms Designer for development services of enterprises scale businesses, start-ups as well as medium size business organizations to build feature rich UI/UX mobile applications.
Our developer experts adopt the industry’s standard practices in delivering the Cross platform apps customized to your enterprise needs. We incorporate the technology with experience together and provide the best product that enhances your business opportunities. While preserving your trust, we implement Xamarin solutions to empower your objectives in order to accelerate business growth.

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Embrace Power of Xamarin

Empower your mobile strategy with Xamarin to minimize spend and project timeframe. Step it up with StartBit.

- Cross Platforms Apps.
- High efficiency of code re-usability.
- Targets Larger User Base.
- Native performance and user experience.
- Reduced development time and cost.
- Optimized Apps
- Cloud based automated testing.
- User friendly UI/UX development.
- Development of real time solutions.

Why Xamarin?

Easy to Build

Development of cross platform apps via Xamarin is easy through web developers skill of HTML, CSS, C# and also its relatively simple to build apps with native UI, native API access and native performance on a shared C# codebase

Fast & Cost effective

Xamarin apps are faster to develop as single code can run smoothly on platforms and different platforms apps are developed with the same effort,all making it all cost effective as well.

Cross Platform

Xamarin Framework uses Visual Studio .NET to access native device function to develop their applications which works on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada etc. and combine.

Developed Mobile Apps Across Industries


Food & Restaurant



Travel & Hospitality

Payments & Loyalty

Real Estate


News & Informative

Education & e-learning

Ticketing Systems

Media & Entertainment

Mobile Application Development Process

Our Work Process involve steps in building scalable, optimized, Rich UI supported mobile applications according to your specific business requirements, which ultimately results in client satisfaction & their growth.

Wireframing & Mockups

Understanding Client's Mobile app Requirement and start to get building various wireframes for the app project. Those mockups are presented to the clients for reference. Based on the shortlisted mockups, the final prototype is presented to the client which lastly kicks as soon as the client approves the prototype.

Developing & Debugging

Developing the code following the MVC and other standards.At times, the code isn’t self sufficient and must be interfaced with a third party service or a hardware component.Various sections of code must be debugged a number of times to ensure the security, scalability and performance of the app, throughout the debvelopment process.

Testing & Delivery

Our testing team test the apps against various quality parameters and using various methodology and via using automation testing tools. Afterwards, we deliver the first demo of the app to the clients for their approval, fixes the bugs if any and finally publish the app to the play Store.

Support & Happy Clients

Our goal is to provide high-quality, optimized apps to all of our clients with the best professional and online support sevices.Our support services also inbuids app marketing, app monetization, app optimization and ensuring millions of downloads. Our Happy Clients are the Award-Winning Experiences to us.

Why Us?

Efficient Developers

Our expert developers build highly efficient, scalable and best performannce mobile applications using a robust development framework that meets all Client Business needs.

Management & Communication

Whether it is long term collaboration or just a small project, our project management and communication standards remain the same. Any software project is handled smoothly, with full attention and custom approach to every customer.

Trusted Mobile Solution

Our pragmatic approach and proven methodology in developing customized web pages have offered trusted mobile solutions to many clients globally

100% Code Safe

We guarantee the 100% legal protection of our clients and for every project we sign a non-disclosure agreement before we start initial analysis. Rest assured that you will get a complete confidentiality and all the intellectual property rights.

Our Expert Support

At StartBit, we have a Support System methodology,from ideation to development to launching. Our Support System deliver the cutting-edge product your business deserves.

Full-service and in-house

We can run your project from the very beginning to the very end without involving any remote contractors. Product designers, QA specialists, developers, business analysts - the will all work side by side, ensuring smooth teamwork and quality output.

Tech lead support

A dedicated technical lead will make sure the project executing as per the phases. If needed, they will step into role of your virtual CTO and serve as the guardian of code quality.

Associated Team

We match people to project, not the other way around. Once we know your expectations, we will assemble a team with extensive experience in creating products similar to yours. You'll get to work with real experts with knowledge matching your needs.

Our Perspectives


As with our Gained Experience,We offer innovative & customer-centric best business solutions.
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In the Agile of Mobiles & handheld devices,we Deliver Awesome Apps Supporting all Platforms.
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All sorts of CMS Services that is customized to suit your business needs.
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With all latest Designing techniques,we are also Expert in Responsiveness & Animations.
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Globalization has made all online, All E-commerce Solutions with integrated Payment Gateways.
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Inbuilt & added SEO techniques to make Client's Buisness stand on top of the Web.
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